ABRISTHOR® , the simple, economical solution

Different types of ABRISTHOR® to cover all your needs.

ABRISTHOR® Applications

We have been developing and manufacturing ABRISTHOR® tunnels since 1984


Temporary shelter for livestock of any kind: cattle, sheep, goats... or a shed for breeding small animals: rabbits, poultry... or storage for fodder and animal feed.


To store or protect agricultural implements, machinery, tractors, harvesters, inputs and harvested products from the elements.


To store or protect machinery, industrial equipment, construction materials, raw materials from the elements... Repair shop and industrial garages.

Cobertizo y túnel de lona Abristhor


Abristhor® tunnels can be easily transported to any site and installed on surfaces without foundations and so part of their value can be recovered. Warehouse for raw materials, minerals, bulk, waste, residues...

Cobertizo y túnel de lona Abristhor


There are multiple uses and applications that our customers have given to their shelter with a PVC tarpaulin cover. To store and protect infrequent products and vehicles.

We have been developing and manufacturing structures with tarpaulin covers since 1984

Our Abristhor® products are the most economical solution for a simple, resistant and removable cover. Abristhor® solutions are made of galvanised steel with bolted and weld-free joints, making them detachable with high standardisation.

The quality of our solutions as well as our desire to innovate have allowed us to be present in more than 73 countries.

Why choose ABRISTHOR®?


Both our sales representatives and our distributors are specialised professionals and they will offer you the best solution at the best price.


We work with the best materials on the market and we want our products to have a long working life.


Whatever your specific case, we will search and find the best solution so that you can have your ABRISTHOR® tunnel wherever you need it.