Our ABRISTHOR® tunnels can be adapted perfectly to small herds

A tunnel with an ABRISTHOR® PVC tarpaulin cover allows you to have a good raising livestock solution at the best price. With the options available you can insulate the roof, close off the fronts, add doors or facilitate ventilation, so that you have a comfortable shelter for your livestock, adapted to your needs and suitable for your day-to-day work. Its installation can be adapted to any site without the need for foundations which is why it is removable.

Our expertise includes, but is not limited to, installations for:

  • Organic chicken farming
  • Breeding of cattle, sheep and goats.
  • Shelter for dairy cattle. Dry cows and heifers.
  • Breeding of dairy goats
  • Sheep shelters
  • Horse shelters


Abristhor® / Tunnel Open at the Front To Protect Cows And Calves.

ABRISTHOR® for Sheep

Abristhor® / Tunnel Equipped With Sliding Doors, Insulated And With Ventilation Windows.

ABRISTHOR® for Goats

Insulated /Abristhor® Tunnel, Equipped With Doors On The Fronts And Ventilation Windows To Ensure An Ideal Atmosphere Inside The Tunnel.

ABRISTHOR® for Poultry

Abristhor® / Tunnel Equipped With Sliding Tie Rods, Ventilation Windows, Exit Hatches And Service Door.

ABRISTHOR® for horses

Abristhor® / Tunnel With Storage In Flat Cells, Equipped With Door Fronts And Ventilation Windows.

Abristhor® / tunnel open at the front to protect cows and calves.​

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